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We love that every wedding is different, and every couple unique. It is truly a pleasure meeting and working with our lovely couples, and creating florals that are a representation of their love and commitment.

We believe in simple and stress free processes, our online quote is easy to complete and gives you the option of choosing florals that are important to you, styling that best suits your wedding, in quantities and sizes that suit your space.

Options provided are based on our most sought after floral creations. There is the flexibility to make changes. We believe these options suit the vast majority of our clients, and work extremely well with our Northern Beaches venues.

Once you submit your quote you can expect to hear from us within 48 hours, unless we are working on a wedding or event (which is generally the case Thursday – Saturday). Our ‘office days’ are generally Monday – Wednesday. During peak wedding season September to April you may not receive your quote for 7-10 days, we will let you know.

When we contact you we will:
-confirm our availability. There is also an availability calendar located within our online quote form.
-confirm your quote, with all delivery and set up costs included, and ask any necessary questions.
-email your formal quote + deposit invoice once you have confirmed you’d like to go ahead.
-offer you a date to meet and give you a date to finalise all florals and details.

If you decide to book japonica, you are able to add or subtract florals when we finalise all details, 2 weeks before your wedding / event. You will only be charged for the florals you choose and the associated delivery, bump in and bump out costs, as per our minimum  spend requirements.

Full service – We are a full service florist; we deliver and set up all florals, relocate flowers where required, pin on buttonholes and coordinate with venues and other suppliers such as your stylist and cake supplier. We will re use flowers where appropriate, for example your signing table posy can be reused on your wishing well / gift table. We do not recommend arch florals are reused in a prominent position as often signs of wear and tear are visible, and styling for an arch is different than the styling for a bridal table – we will discuss all options with you.

Custom florals – We understand the floral options provided may not suit everyone. You may want us purely to create overhead garlands, a lush bar display or foliage garlands. If this is the case a consultation will better suit you. Minimum spend requirements apply to custom florals, generally $550 + installation. To organise a consultation, please complete the form on our contact page.

Finer details – We require inspirational images to be able to understand the floral style and colour palette you would like for your wedding / event. Using seasonal blooms that we know best achieves this styling, we then create the most suitable floral designs. Having worked with hundreds of clients on a wide variety of creative briefs over 16 years, we do expect you to allow us creative freedom to enable us to do what we do best.
We will work with you regarding colour and tone, again with the expectation that we have the flexibility to choose what works best for your wedding, based on the glorious blooms Mother Nature provides.

Our availability – Our availability is not confirmed until we contact you. Your booking is not confirmed until we have received your deposit payment. Six+ months prior to your wedding day is ideal to book your wedding flowers. Peak season, October to April books out quickly. We do not work over the Christmas / New Year break or Easter.

Minimum spend – We are happy to provide as little or as much as you’d like, but our minimum spend is $1500 for wedding flowers, and $1500 for event florals (not including delivery + set up) Wednesday – Friday.

We require a minimum spend of $3000 excluding delivery for Saturday & Sunday weddings & Events

Peak period surcharge – A 20% surcharge applies to weddings and events booked during Valentine’s Day week and Mother’s Day week, as our growers increase all flower prices for these peak trading periods.

Deposit & Final Payment – To secure your booking, a non-refundable deposit of $300-$500 is required. Payment is available via direct deposit. We generally only do one wedding per day which enables us to maintain high levels of service. Prompt booking avoids disappointment. We would expect to hear from you, and receive your deposit payment within 2 weeks of receiving your quote. We are unable to hold wedding dates. Final Payment is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding so we are able to secure and order product, roster staff etc. At this point we cannot offer any sort of refund in the event your cancel your order.

Refunds & Cancelations – Deposits are non refundable. You may cancel your order upto 4 weeks out from your wedding/event date after which you may reduce your order by no more than 20%. When final payment is made 2 weeks from your wedding date payments are non refundable.

We can hold your deposit or full payment and re schedule your date to another time within 12 months of your original booking provided we have that date available. and a minimum of 4 weeks notice is given.

Deposits are non transferable.

Appointment date – We offer 1 complimentary appointment which you may choose to have early in the process or closer to your wedding/event when we need to finalise. We offer an additional phone appointment at a mutually convenient time. We find having face to face meetings more beneficial to the client closer to their date, 4-6 weeks out is ideal.

Studio consultations are available Wednesday to Saturday mornings, however we have limited Saturday appointments during peak wedding season (September to April). Sorry, we do not offer Sunday appointments, however we can do phone consultations on week nights.

Seasonal florals & foliage – We work with the most amazing flowers and foliage that each season provides. Our growers share our love of beautiful quality and many flowers are picked exclusively for our clients. We support our local growers and also work with reputable interstate flower farms. Imported blooms do cost more, and whilst there are occasions in which imports would be lovely, our preference will always be for seasonal blooms. Should be need to source flowers from interstate due to seasonal and environmental conditions additional charges may occur. Blooms such as phalaenopsis orchids cost more, as do out of season, imported florals.

Social Media – We will post images of your wedding or event, taken in our studio or onsite at your venue, unless you advise us not to. We may also use images in our online portfolio gallery and for blog posts. If we source images from your photographer we will credit them on social media and on our website. If you are using a hashtag, please let us know so we can use it too!

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Our process

Your wedding flowers are meticulously planned, and involve many hours of preparation. The florist who conducts your consultation oversees your entire wedding- from liaising with our flower growers, your venue(s) / wedding planner / stylist / cake supplier, etc, through to the entire preparation of your flowers. Other florists in our team may be involved with some minor aspects of preparation, ceremony and reception set up, or the delivery of wedding flowers.

We will schedule a final meeting ( generally over the phone), 2 weeks prior to your wedding day, to finalise all flowers, and delivery details. Your final payment is due 2 weeks’ prior to your wedding day. We understand that many details can change as a wedding evolves, and encourage all changes to be discussed during this final meeting. Whilst we offer a complimentary initial quote, one studio meeting and one phone consultation, entire re-quotes, excessive changes, or excessive communication following the acceptance of your quote will incur additional charges to cover our time. After final payment 2 weeks prior to your wedding we cannot accept cancelations or any refunds will be given.

In the event that any changes to your wedding flowers are necessary, due to changes in seasonal conditions, unavailability or poor quality, the closest substitute will be used after consultation, where possible. When a singular variety of flower is requested we always ask for a second choice. We have a very good understanding of the seasons, and together with strong relationships with our growers, there is very rarely any problems with availability. We will not commit to giving you flowers out of season, or flowers that are very unlikely to be available. We keep in touch in the weeks approaching your wedding and give your regular flower updates, as required.

Your florist reserves the right to make slight creative or tonal colour changes as she prepares your wedding and again at set up.

On your wedding day your bouquets will be packed in a box of tissue paper. We will deliver your flowers between the specified timeframe. We deliver your flowers ourselves, we do not use a courier. Buttonholes and corsages will be clearly labelled. Please keep your flowers in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight, until required. Spraying flowers with water, placing bouquets in water or refrigerating any flowers is not necessary and can harm some flowers. Please also avoid touching your flowers as some bruising may occur.

Upon delivery, we will advise the bride and bridesmaids the best way to hold their bouquets, and we will assist the groom, groomsmen and parents with buttonhole and corsage placement, if required.

Ceremony flowers are set up according to times discussed. If you are using a stylist we will coordinate with them.

Reception flowers are also set up according to times discussed. Prior to your wedding day we will contact your venue’s event manager to confirm details and pass on our run sheet and bump in details for the day. We are thorough, efficient and run to time. Our planning is meticulous so details are not missed and we will do a complete handover with your event manager prior to leaving. Occasionally items from previous events can be left behind, and sometimes venues keep them as additional decorations. If we feel these items do not suit the style of your wedding we will ask your venue to put them aside for the evening. We thoroughly scope out the room once bump in is finished – little details are important!

Please note: Our terms + conditions are subject to change at any time, at our discretion.

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